The Blue Moon Courses

Each Blue Moon Experience course is an in-depth study of some of the topics we cover in Essentials. Below you will find a list of some of the upcoming courses. Some courses will be longer and more in depth studies as is appropriate for that subject matter we are covering. Stay tuned as courses will be launched late Fall!

Upcoming Courses…

Color Makes the World Go Round! (All about color)

Twist and Ply!! (Yarn construction)

The Chemistry of Color (Dyeing basics)

More than Merino (Exploring fiber types and breeds)

Gradients (The many ways of grading color in our projects)

** Course prices will vary from $97-$297. Some courses will be completely self-paced while others will be completed over a period of time.

Color makes the world go round!!

Welcome to Hueville!

Color plays such a predominant role in the lives of artists and makers. As a colorist and dyer, it is basically my toolbox! So for all of us who love textiles, having a good working knowledge of our color tool box is essential. Since I started teaching color/dyeing classes I have been lucky to witness the power and joy that a deeper knowledge of color brings to us all.

Color just makes us happy! In Hueville, our color exploration will inform, enlighten and empower your understanding and use of color while regaling you with colorful tales of the who, where and when of how a color hits the eye. We also get to explore why certain colors makes us feel the way they do, plus all kinds of other fun and fascinating bits of hue-story.

Basically spreading color joy!

Stay tuned for enrollment dates

Twist and Ply

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve frogged or scrapped a project because it stretched too much, or turned out more like armor than sweater. Sometimes, it’s easier to pick the colors that make us happy than to choose the yarn base with the right fiber content, perfect spin and correct weight for the project we have in mind.

We will go over weights and measures in great detail. Look at the the amount of twist in a yarn, the number plies and whether it is silk or alpaca and how that affects the finished project. There are so many aspects that affect not only our finished object but also our making experience!